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Clocks For Sale : E. Howard & Other Marine Clocks
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E. Howard 12" Marine Clock

Item ID: 1879 - E. Howard & Co. 12" Marine Clock. Flawless, polished and lacquered, key locking red brass case with key. The 12" silvered, engraved and filled dial signed E. Howard & Co., Boston has been restored. The Nickel damascened movement has been overhauled. The clock is displayed on a custom mahogany base. Simply superb! Email me if you have questions.

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American Steam Gauge 8 1/2" Ships Clock for the "Ontario"

Item ID: 1858 - Ca. 1863 American Steam Gauge Ships Clock for the ship "Ontario". The 8 1/2" dial is engraved with Roman numerals and the name of the ship Ontario which is highlighted with delicate brackets and flourishes. At the bottom the dial is engraved with the number 9484 which is also stamped inside the case at 6 o'clock. The front bezel is 10" and the back flange is 11". The bezel is hinged as is the dial. The Seth Thomas 30 hour time only movement is mounted to the back of the dial and is regulated by opening the bezel and the dial. The clock has been restored to superb condition.

According to "The History of American Steam Navigation" by John Morrison, the Ontario was a mail ship on Lake Ontario in the late 1850's to mid 1860's. The Ontario was 222' x 32' x 12' with a beam engine 50" x 11'. The building of railroads along the shore of the lake destroyed the mail line business and in 1865 the Ontario was brought safely down the rapids of the St Lawrence to the Atlantic coast where it was sold to a foreign buyer about 1867. Evidently running the rapids in vessels of this size was quite a feat! Email me if you have questions.

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E. Howard 10" Marine Clock for Ashcroft

Item ID: 1841 - E. Howard 10" Marine Clock for Ashcroft. The 10" engraved dial is stamped 50502016. The nickel plated, #69 movement is signed E. Howard & Co. Boston and serial number 2816. The brass key locking case has been polished and lacquered. The movement has been overhauled. Email me if you have questions.

E. Howard 8 1/2" Marine Clock for James W. Tufts, Boston

Item ID: 1775 - E. Howard 8 1/2" Dial Marine Clock. The Roman numeral dial is engraved James W. Tufts, Boston and American Steam Gauge Co., Boston and with serial number 196786 at the bottom of the dial. The key locking case is unusual. The bezel flares much wider than the back flange. The bezel is 11 1/2" wide while the back flange is 10 3/4" wide. The case is 4 3/4" deep. The case has been polished and lacquered. The clock is mounted on a custom mahogany display base. The total height of the clock onthe base is 15 1/2". The signed, rectangular, E. Howard movement with nickel plated decorated plates, has been serviced and keeps excellent time.

James Walker Tufts, 1835 to 1902, was an entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist in the Boston area who is very well known for his silverplated soda fountains, pitchers, dishes and table accesories. Below is a link to The Tufts Archives which has a fascinating history of the man, his businesses and his philanthropy.


Email me if you have questions.
Waltham 12" Dial Marine Clock

Item ID: 1756 - Waltham Clock Co. 12" Dial Marine Clock. An exceedingly rare marine clock. Only 2 other examples of Waltham's in this size are known to exist. They both have engraved and silvered dials. This clock with silvered dial, applied gilt bronze numerals and fancy pierced hands is unique. The clock has been totally restored and is in the best condition in every way. Email me if you have questions.

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Boston Clock Co. 10" Marine Clock for Star Brass Mfg. Co. and Star Brass Revolution Counter(SOLD)

Item ID: 1852 - Boston Clock Company 10" Dial Engine Room Clock with matching Revolution Counter and builder's Plate from C&G Cooper Company, circa 1890. Matching red brass clock and revolution counter manufactured by Star Brass Manufacturing Company with Boston Clock Company movement. This pair would be near impossible to duplicate, revolution counters in this size and with 8 digits are extremely rare and with a matching clock even more so. The pair sre mounted on mahogany stands which measure 16" high. The builders plate measures 5.5" by 9" and is signed "The C&G Cooper Co., Builders, Mount Vernon, Ohio, U.S.A." The clock dial is signed "Star Brass Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass. and Boston G", which stands for 7 jewel gold plated movement. The clock hands are finely tapered and retain the original bluing. The revolution counter is signed "C&G Cooper Co., Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Revolution Counter, Star Brass Manufacturing Co., Boston, U.S.A." The revolution counter is complete with the attachment lever. This grouping is unmatched for rarity and presentation. Email me if you have questions.

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Hamilton Model 121 Marine Chronometer(SOLD)

Item ID: 1853 - Hamilton Model 121 24 Hour Chronometer. Serial number 3E014 on the dial and 2E12483 on the movement. Below is a link to a thread about the Hamilton 121 on the Internet Horolgy Club 185 that has very detailed information about these rare timepieces. Note that the entries and discussion between Fred Houghton and Jim Dyson are about the exact chronometer that I have for sale.


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E. Howard 4 1/2" Dial No. 69 Marine Clock(SOLD)

Item ID: 1846 - E. Howard Clock Company 4 1/2" Dial No. 69 Marine Clock. This is a superb restored example in the finest condition in every way. It is unusual to find a small Howard marine clock with an engraved and silvered dial. They are more commonly seen with porcelain dials. The dial has been resilvered. The case has been renickeled. The movement has been serviced. The bezel lock is working with a replacement key. A very fine little clock. Email me if you have questions.

Boston Clock Company Marine Clock - 8 1/2" Dial(SOLD)

Item ID: 1494 - This is a rare, Boston Clock Company Marine Clock. The 8 1/2", silvered and painted dial is signed Boston Clock Company and has the original untouched surface. The movement has serial number A1621 and is marked Boston Clock Company, Boston, Pat. Dec 28, 1880. The case has been polished and lacquered. Boston Clock Company was only in business from 1884 to 1894. Email me if you have questions.

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E. Howard 12" Marine Clock - W. W. Lindsay Company (Sold)

Item ID: 1688 - E. Howard 12 inch ship clock made im Boston 1899. The clock has a beautiful red brass case which houses Howard's eleven jeweled movement with nickeled, damascened plates and traditional Howard diamond hands of blued steel. The movement is signed: "E. Howard & Co. Boston 10". The case has a locking bezel and key. The dial is superbly engraved with Roman numerals and star minute markers inside the chapter ring. The name, "W.W. Lindsay & Co. and Philadelphia" is finely engraved with sharp seraphs. (Note the letters "L" in Philadelphia) Above the numeral six, the dial is engraved: "H. Belfield & Co., PHILA". All the engraving contains its original black English wax. The clock is mounted on a custom mahogany base. A custom walnut ring is available for wall mounting if you prefer.
This marine clock is documented in the E. Howard & Co. sales records (Box 15, Sales Ledger #13) located in the Smithsonian. This ledger states that this clock was sold on "January 11, 1899 to H. Belfield Co., Philadelphia, with 12" hands, $25." In all 22 boxes of the Howard sales records, Jim Dyson a ship's clock expert, listed references to approximately 100 marine clocks with 12" dials, but this is the only record of a 12" marine clock being sold to Belfield in all of the ledgers. The back of the dial is embossed with "M1899." There is no doubt that this is the clock referenced in the Howard records. There is no information on Lindsay, however, H. Belfield was a ship's chandler in Philadelphia whose name has appeared in the Chelsea sales ledgers as far back as 1898. The name Jos. A. Bollinger, Phila. is also factory-stamped into the front movement plate.
Condition: The clock is in outstanding condition. The case has been recently polished and lacquered.
Dimensions: Diameter of clock 13 5/8 inches

Email me if you have questions.

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