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Clocks For Sale : E. Howard & Other Marine Clocks
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Seth Thomas 12" Dial Marine Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1660 - Seth Thomas Clock Co., Ships Lever No. 12. The 12” silvered dial is engraved “The Ashton Valve Co., Boston, Mass.” A great case with extra wide flange on bezel. The clock has been totally restored and is in fine condition in every way. Mounted on a custom wood base.
Seth Thomas Chronometer Lever No. 5012 - Ca. 1913. (Sold)

Item ID: 1677 - Seth Thomas Chronometer Lever No. 5012 - Ca. 1913. The heavy 14 1/2" cast brass case has a double hinge allowing both the key locking bezel and the 12" silvered dial to open. The fine quality double spring movement has a detached 11 jewel escapement, compensating balance wheel, Breguet hairspring and cut steel pinions. The escapement is the same as used in Seth Thomas Railroad watch movements. An excellent timekeeper. The clock has both the original case key and original winging key. The clock is mounted on a custom mahognay base or can be wall hung. Email me if you have questions.

Elliott 10" Dial Brass Marine Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1441 - This is a rare, ca. 1941, 10" dial, English F.W. Elliott marine clock that is completely original. This clock is in excellent condition with the orignal signed dial, Elliott signed movement with jeweled 8 day platform escapement. heavy brass case and thick beveled glass. The 12" in diameter case is marked F.W. Elliott Croydon, 8 Day, 1941 on the back of the case. The clock is in good running order and keeps excellent time. There is a scratch on the glass at 12. Email me if you have questions.

M. F. Dent Campaign Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1627 - M. F. Dent Campaign Clock
Joseph Sewell Marine Chronometer (Sold)
Item ID: 1641 - Joseph Sewill, Liverpool, Marine Chronometer No. 4893 in original gymbaled box. Ca. 1870. Superb dial marked "Joseph Sewill, 61 Castle St., Liverpool, Maker to the Admiralty". Also engraved with prize award crests from 1862 and 1867. Serial number 4893 is engraved inside the seconds bit. Original winding key and case key. The chronometer is in very fine condition in every way and keeps excellent time. Email me if you have questions.
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