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J. E. Caldwell 15 Bell Musical Grandfather Clock (Sold)

ID: 1591 - J. E. Caldwell 15 Bell, 18 Hammer, 5 Gong, Musical Grandfather Clock. Magnificent in every detail! The 101” tall, mahogany case is signed by the famous Philadelphia firm – Lejambre. The Lejambres were well known for creating some of the finest custom furniture made in Philadelphia from about 1870 to 1907. The depth and detail of the carving, the choice of grain in the mahogany, the details of the style and the fine finish of the clock are all typical of Lejambre's work. The March 1978 issue of The Magazine Antiques has an article by Peter Strickland, entitled “Furniture by the Lejambre Family of Philadelphia” which details the history of the Lejambres and shows many examples of their work. The dial is signed J. E. Caldwell & Co., Philadelphia. Beneath the chapter ring the dial is marked - J. C. Jennens & Sons, the movement maker. The clock plays Westminster chimes on the quarters followed by full hour striking at each quarter. The strike can also be set for hour strike on the hour only. One minute after every hour it plays one of six tunes. Each function can be silenced separately. The clock plays the following music:

Jolly Young Waterman at 1 & 7
There Is No Luck in the House at 2 & 8
Blue Bells of Scotland at 3 & 9
The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls at 4 & 10
Easter Hymn at 5 & 11
Auld Lang Syne at 6 and 12.
This clock is one of only 2 known examples of Lejambre clock cases. The other example has a time and strike movement. The photos say much more than words. Please view them very carefully and call or email me if you have questions.

Tiffany & Co. Mahogany Tallcase Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1282 - This is a superb, ca. 1895, Tiffany & Company Hall Clock. The mahogany case is exquisite in every detail. The bonnet, waist and base all have full twisted columns with gilt cast Corinthian capitols. Both door locks have gilt cast escutcheons. The case has fine carved details from the feet and base moldings to the edges of the broken arch on the top of the bonnet. Both doors have heavily beveled glass. The dial has gilt pierced and engraved spandrels and engraved dial center, silvered chapter ring and moon phase scale, applied gilt bronze numerals and very unusual moon dial painting. The dial is signed Tiffany & Company, New York. Walter Durfee sold an identical clock under his name.The 8 day, 2 weight time and strike movement is in fine condition striking the hour and half hour on a large deep toned coiled gong. The sound is sweet and resonant. The entire clock is in superb condition and ready to enjoy.

Fine Quality Quartersawn Oak Grandfather Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1089 - This is a high grade, unsigned, ca. 1900, Grandfather Clock. The quartersawn oak case is 91" tall, 19 1/2" wide and 14 1/4" deep. The clock is of the best quality in materials, joinery and finish. The case has full round fluted columns on the bonnet and waist. The grilles on the side of the bonnet are cast bronze. The finials are also cast bronze. Each finial weights about 1 pound! The back of the case is finished almost to the same standard as the front. The clock is original in every detail and in superb condition. The dial and door glass are both heavily bezeled. The heavy brass dial is beautifully engraved. The chapter ring is silvered and engraved. The bronze numerals are gilt. The moon phase dial is painted with stars on a dark blue background. The dial surround is silvered. In keeping with the case, the 8 day time and strike movment is of very fine quality. The movement while unsigned appears to be made by Elliott. The clock has been serviced. It is a fine timekeeper and sounds fantastic as it strikes the hour and half hour on a huge deep toned resonant coiled gong. The depth and weight of the strike continues to astound me. The clock is ready to enjoy for many years. The most surprising fact about this clock is that the maker of such a fine piece did not sign it!

Click above to hear this clock.
E. Howard & Co. Grandfather Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1285 - Ca. 1885 E. Howard & Company Gong Chiming Grandfather Clock. The superb quality 101" tall oak case has exquisite Northwind theme carvings on the base and the bonnet. The photos tell much more than words. The waist has full spiral columns. The sides of the waist and base have raised panels. The carved paw feet are newer as are the finials and carved crest. E. Howard quarter chiming grandfather clocks are exceedingly rare. The 3 train, 5 gong Westminster chime movement is mentioned in the Howard catalogs as an option. I have talked with several longtime Howard collectors and only one of them had actually seen an example of the movement in this clock. The movement is signed E. Howard & Co, Boston on the front plate. The quality is typical Howard - the finest. The dial of the clock is also unusual. The entire background is silvered with applied bronze numerals and spandels. The restored moon dial has gold leaf moon and stars. The hands are blued steel. The clock is in fine running order and plays the Westminster melody on the quarters with fine tone. Please view the photos carefully to fully appreciate the myriad details of this fabulous E. Howard Chiming Grandfather Clock.
Elmer Stennes Roxbury Tallcase Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1134 - This is an Elmer Stennes Roxbury Grandfather Clock. Elmer Stennes of One Tick Tock Lane, East Weymouth, MA created fine quality reproductions of Willard banjo clocks, Lyre clocks, girandole clocks, Massachusetts shelf clocks, grandmother clocks and grandfather clocks from about 1950 to 1975. The workmanship on his clocks from joinery to inlays to finish is simply superb. He is well known and his clocks are sought by knowledgeable collectors. This is his Willard Roxbury Tallcase Clock. The 85 1/2" tall solid cherry case has contrasting string, floral, fan, eagle and crossbanded inlays. The fluted quarter columns on the waist and full columns on the bonnet have brass capitols. The brass finials sit on chimneys that are also delicately inlaid. The top of the bonnet has finely cut fretwork. The case has the Stennes logo on the door and is stamped #10. The painted dial, with Elmer O. Stennes, Weymouth, Mass signature, has a very minor chip at the left winding arbor. The rocking ship above the dial has an unusual background which concave creating a 3 dimensional appearance. The 8 day, Keininger, weight driven, movement has bim bam strike on 2 large bells. The clock is in good running order, keeps excellent time and is striking properly. Please view the photos carefully to fully appreciate this fine clock. All crating shipping and handling will be the responsibility of the buyer. I will assist in any way that I can. Delivery is possible for a reasonable fee. Email me if you have questions.
English Astronomical Regulator (Sold)
Item ID: 1305 - This is a superb ca. 1870 English Standing Astronomical Regulator. The clock has the classic styling of the English Victorian Astro. The mahogany case is 84 1/2" tall, 23 1/2" wide and 14" deep. The exquisite carvings below the dial and at the bottom of the door are in perfect condition. The back board of the case behind the pendulum is finely figured flame mahogany. The clock is in mint conditionin every way. The 13" dial is silvered heavy brass with the original hands. The movement is a work of art. From the six heavy pillars, to the finely cut gears with delicate spokes, to the polished plates, the movement is of superb quality. The pendulum has a wood rod and a very heavy brass bob. The pulley is original. The weight is original. The clock keeps very accurate time. Please view the photos for additonal information and email me if you have questions
J. E. Caldwell - Korfhage Tallcase Clock (Sold)
Item ID 1139 - This is a magnificent ca. 1890 Korfhage Tallcase Clock. The clock was retailed by J. E. Caldwell, Philadelphia, PA. Caldwell was a fine quality jeweler comparable to Tiffany in New York. Like Tiffany, Caldwell sold fine quality clocks made by renowned makers under their name. The clock is a superb example of their desire to sell the best. The quartersawn oak case with fine warm original finish is 8' 2" tall. From the carved paw feet, to the carved shell on the base, to the full spiral columns on the waist and bonnet, to the carved shell on the door, to the carving above the dial, to the fine finial at the top, the case is breathtaking. The brass dial has pierced, engraved and gilt spandrels and center and a silvered chapter ring with raised gilt numerals. The dial center proudly bears the J. E. Caldwell name. The upper corners have controls for Chime/Silent and your choice of Westminster Chime or Chime on Eight Bells. The hands are finely cut blued steel. The dial is surmounted by a painted moving moon phase dial with full hemispheres. The patented Korfhage 2 weight movement chiming on 8 cup bells or 5 coiled gongs is in perfect condition. The plates are decorated with a fancy pattern and all steel parts are highly polished. The pendulum and weights are polished and in fine conditon. The pendulum rod has a repair that is not easily seen. The clocks keeps excellent time and the sounds wonderful. This Korfhage Tall Clock is "The Best". All crating shipping and handling will be the responsibility of the winning bidder. I will ceretainly helpin any way that I can. Email me if you have questions.
John Roberts Carved Dwarf Tallcase Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1253 - This is a ca. 1890, John Roberts Dwarf Carved Oak Tallcase Clock. English dwarf tallcase clocks are unusual, as are English carved tallcase clocks. This clock is the exceedingly rare combination of both. The finely carved oak case is only 58 1/2" tall, 19" wide and 9 1/2" deep. The case has bracket feet, spiral columns on the base and bonnet, cast and turned capitols, swan's neck pediment with owl finial and exquisite carving throughout. The brass dial with cast spandrels and calendar aperture is 11" in diameter. The a 10" silvered chapter ring is signed John Roberts at the bottom. The hands are blued steel. The 8 day double fusee movement strikes the hour on a iron bell. The movement has been serviced and is in good running order. The clock is completely original. Please view the photos carefully to fully appreciate the details and condition of this very fine and quite unusual clock. Email me if you have questions.

Charles Jacques Carved Oak Grandfather Clock - The Best! (Sold)
Item ID: 1486 - A magnificent, ca. 1900, Charles Jacques Co., 22 Courtland Street, N.Y. carved oak grandfather clock. The clock is a superb example of Victorian clockmaking at it's best. The 102" tall , 22" wide and 16" deep case is highly decorated fine with oak carvings, full reeded columns, dentil moldings, garlands and leaves. The oval waist door has heavily beveled glass. The bonnet has 6 full reeded columns with carved capitols, broken arch and carved finial. The dial has gilt applied numerals finely engraved pierced spandrels, blued steel hands and is signed Chas. Jacques, 22 Courtland St., N.Y. The movement is the finest! Signed J.J. Elliott, London, the 8 day, 3 weight movement plays Westminster, Whittington or St Michael melodies on 8 bells or 9 gongs. Please view the photos very carefully to appreciate the myriad details of this masterpiece. Email me if you have questions.
Walter Durfee Roxbury Tallcase Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1214 - This is a ca. 1890 Walter Durfee, Providence, Rhode Island, Roxbury Tallcase Clock. Durfee was well known in the late 19th and early 20th century as an antique dealer who sold only the best merchandise. In the early 1880's he traveled to England looking for antiques for import to the US. The first clocks that he imported were fine quality bracker clocks by John Creed Jennens. They were a success so he commissioned and imported 2 train grandfather clcoks that were reproductions of 100+ year old antiques. This clock is from that period. Later Durfee imported the huge tubular chime clocks that made him so famous. This superb example is solid mahogany. The case is 90 1/2" tall, 21" wide and 11" deep. The clock is entirely original from the gorgeous finish to the heavy brass capitols to the fretwork and fine finials with gilt eagles to the brass dial with gilt cast spandrels and silvered chapter, calendar and seconds rings. The 8 day time and strike movement is of the best quality. The clock is in fine running condition and strikes the hour and half hour on a coiled gong of very fine tone. The dial has lost some of the fill in the engraved numerals but still looks fine. The clock is ready to enjoy. Please view the photos to fully appreciate the details and truly superb workmanship that is typical of Walter Durfee clocks. Email me if you have questions.
Chauncey Boardman Dwarf Tallcase Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1467 - This is a truly rare Chauncey Boardman Dwarf Tallcase Clock - ca. 1825. The completely original case with fine original finish is 53" tall and 15"wide. This is an almost impossible to find clock especially with a mint original Boardman label on the backbaord. The painted dial is in fine condition. The wood movement with tin can weights is in good running order. The photos tell the whole story. Enjoy! Email me if you have questions. See the following NAWCC Bulletins for further information. No.30, page 679. No.33, page 126. No.37, page 293.

90 Day Viennese Floor Regulator (Sold)
Price: $10,500.00
Item ID: 1177 - This superb Viennese Standing Regulator of 90 day duration is one of the finest clock that I have ever offered. The oak case with fine walnut color finish is spectacular. The 87" tall and 27" wide, 2 piece, case features full round fluted columns with carved capitols and urns, a dentil adorned top, finely details moldings and 4 large bun feet. The clock has glass panels on both sides. The upper door and lower cabinet door have the original locks and keys. The dial center, pendulum and pulley are beautifully engraved with matching patterns. The dial is also engraved with the date 1888. The chapter ring is silvered. The hands are pierced blued steel. The 90 day movement with deadbeat escapement is of the finest quality and in fine running condition. The clock is a very accurate timekeeper.

Superb Waltham 9 Tube Grandfather Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1281 - Waltham Clock Company, Waltham, Mass. 9 Tube Grandfather Clock
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