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Reproduction E. Howard No. 10 Figure Eight Wall Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1491 - Reproduction E. Howard No 10 Figure Eight Wall Clock. This is a reproduction of E. Howard's famous No. 10 figure eight wall clock. The finely finished cherry case is 34" tall. The case construction, finish, glasses, dial and hands are all identical to the original clocks. The 8 day weight driven movement is signed E. Howard & Co. the clock is in fine condition and in good running order. With the ca. 1880's No. 10's selling for $9000 and up, and the E. Howard Reissue No. 10's selling for at least $3500, this clock is a fine alternative. Email me if you have questions.
New York Standard Regulator No. 42 (Sold)
Item ID: 1388 - This is a ca 1900, New York Standard Watch Company, Jersey City, New Jersey Regulator No. 42. The clock movement is very unusual using a Hipp toggle to impulse the pendulum electromagnetically. The 80 beat pendulum actually moves the center sweep second hand ahead 1 1/2 seconds upon every swing to the right. Thus the second hand makes one revolution in 60 seconds. The second hand in turn drives the minute and hour hands. An ingenious movement and an excellent timekeeper. The mahogany case is 50" tall and has the fine original finish. The 12" painted dial is original as are the pendulum rod and distinctive bob. The top finial is a replacement. The clock is in mint condition and is in good running order. Please view the photos for additional information. Email me if you have questions.

Foster Campos Maple Eyeball Banjo (Sold)
Item ID: 1457 - Foster Campos Maple Banjo Clock with very unusual eyeball aperture in the lower door. #5 - 1999. A one of a kind special order clock.

Chelsea Ball Watch Co. Regulator (Sold)
Item ID: 1524 - Chelsea Ball Watch Co. Regulator. This is a rare Chelsea Clock Company pendulum regulator made for Ball Watch Company, Cleveland. Only about 150 of these clocks were made. The clock is in fine condition with orignal dial, movement, glass, pendulum and hands. The finish has been has been cleaned, coated and nicely rubbed out. The color and patina are gorgeous. The quality movement is signed and numbered 163495 dating the clock to 1924. An excellent timekeeper that is ready to enjoy. Email me if you have questions.
Waltham Harvard Banjo Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1338 - This is a very rare and highly desireable, ca. 1928, Waltham “Harvard” Banjo Clock. The Harvard is one of the “specialty” banjo clocks made by the Waltham Watch Company. The other specialty clocks were the Abbott Lyre and the Curtis Girandole. The Harvard was made to commemorate Simon Willard’s work with Harvard University and is a copy of a clock given to Harvard by Willard. The clock is in superb original condition. The mahogany case with original finish is 42” tall. The glasses are in flawless original condition. The finial and carvings are perfect. The dial is mint. The hands are mint. The movement, numbered 9122, has been serviced and is in fine running condition. Please view the photos carefully for additional information and email me if you have questions.

E. Howard Astronomical Regulator (Sold)
Item ID: 1528 - Ca. 1916, E. Howard & Company Astronomical Regulator. E. Howard & Co made Astronomical Regulators for many of the finest astronomical observatories in the USA. The famous Howard #74 Astronomical Regulator, which is shown in Derek Roberts "Precision Pendulum Clocks" was made in the 1870's and 1880's. This clock is a later version. The oak case is 55" tall, 19" wide and 9" deep. The heavy brass dial is silvered, engraved and filled. The weight driven movement has a deadbeat escapement with maintaining power and a 2 vial mercury filled temperature compensating pendulum. The inside of the great wheel of the movement is signed "Fitted up by C. A. Hinckley, Roxbury, Mass, Apr. 24, 1916". The movement is also fitted with the original break circuit mechanism. The movement is wound through the side of the case eliminating the need to open the door and possibly disturb the air and pendulum inside. As expected, the clock is a very fine timekeeper. By oral history and a return address on an envelope of break circuit parts that came with the clock, the clock was owned by the UCLA Department of Astronomy. There is also an old card that states " Set to sidereal time for longitude 7h 56m 29s West" which goes through the Los Angeles, CA. area. The previous owner bought the clock from the stepson of Dr. George O. Abell who was an astronomy professor at UCLA for 17 years and was best known for his observations of clusters and superclusters of galaxies. His ''Abell Catalogue of Clusters of Galaxies'' is a standard reference. The stepson got the clock from his mother, Abell's widow. The clock is in fine original condition. Email me if you have questions.
Chelsea Pendulum No. 1 Wall Clock (Sold)
Item ID: 1545 - Chelsea Pendulum No. 1 Wall Clock. A very early example in superb condition. There are no apologies for this clock. The 33" tall, quarter sawn oak case with spectacular grain is in the best condition. Note that both doors have original push button latches not the later lever latches. Both glasses are original. Inside the lower door is the original label with directions for " Putting up the clock". The 13" dial has the original painted surface. The movement is signed Chelsea Clock Co and is stamped with serial number A301 dating the clock to 4/13/1898. The movement has been serviced and is in fine running condition. Please view the photos carefully as the they tell the whole story. Email me if you have questions.
Carl Wurzinger 45 Day Grand Sonnerie Vienna Regulator (Sold)
Item ID: 1521 - Carl Wurzinger, Iglau, 45 Day, Grande Sonnerie Vienna Regulator. Pull repeat. 68" tall, 18" wide and 7" deep with a 10" signed porcelain dial.
E. Howard Regulator No. 6 by Wayne Cline (Sold)
Item ID: 1532 - Wayne Cline Reproduction E. Howard Regulator No. 6. This is the largest of the Howard figure eight wall clocks. The 58 1/2" tall solid walnut case is a precise replica of the Howard original. The 14" dial is hand painted. The Howard hands have their original bluing. The glasses are gold leaf and black paint. The fine quality, 8 day, weight driven movement with maintaining power is unsigned but I believe it was made by Wayne. The weight is stamped Cline. The back of the case is stamped "Cline C115176". All case parts are marked number "1". The clock is in superb original condition, runs well and keeps excellent time. Please view the photos carefully as they tell the whole story. Original Howard No. 6's are selling for upwards of $38,000. This clock is a rather compelling alternative at a fraction of the price.
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